Thank Volvo for this web site!

We The People are being abused all the time, and We are at fault, if only for not doing enough about it. Many of Us do not have the time, or the money, or the inclination to do anything about it. Many of Us seem to believe that there is nothing that We can do about it. Of course, if enough of Us feel and behave that way, then that will become a self-fulfilling prophecy...

We have been deceived, distracted, diverted, divided & conquered. If We The People are to survive, as the most powerful force in the USA, then We must not abdicate Our great power. IOW, with power comes responsibility, or else the power goes (or will be taken!) away.

George Orwell once termed "lies of omission" as the most powerful variety of lies. (For example, how many people suspect that college professors -- individuals supposedly hired and well-paid to profess knowledge and information in a scholarly fashion -- willfully withhold and omit and suppress vital, WTP-related knowledge and information? Is it possible that supposedly-pro-consumer publications never mention some products' most serious defects and deficiencies? How many of Us even suspect that it is even possible that virtually all of Our institutions are somehow failing Us?)

This web site is devoted to help empower We The People, politically and economically, and to contribute to the democratizing potential of the internet. This is done by collecting and presenting information, which WTP can fact-check, and convert into Our own knowledge -- remember, knowledge is power. And, thanks to the internet, if one of Us knows something, nearly all of Us can know it. What We do not know can hurt Us, by enfeebling WTP, and by causing Us to make poor decisions, both individually and collectively.

As this is written in February 2013, it remains unknown what form this web site will eventually take. There are a lot of lies "out there"... But one variety of abuse that is suffered by WTP on a daily basis occurs when conscienceless heartless soulless corporations feel free to run roughshod over consumers, both by withholding important information (and even parts from vehicles as they go down the assembly line!) and by mangling various truths. Many members of "the work force" (at least some of whom undoubtedly qualify as "wage slaves") who are acting on behalf of such corporations meekly and merely "follow orders", in order to receive a paycheck, just as surely as did those who were 'merely' carrying out Hitler's orders. The presence or absence of ethics, morality, and conscience on the part of the individuals comprising many corporations has no impact upon their actions. So maybe it is not just a coincidence that the correct term for a system that is predominately of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations is "fascism"!